The technology of our company acts as the leader in the field of vietnam,and our products comform to international standards


Quality assurance!It's our responsibility to offer the precision, durability and excellent products


The products sold by us are always worth more than its cost to create the best profit for customer


Always done the products before the deadline requested by customer,and satisfy our customer with high quality


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die-casting mold

Zinc die-casting mold
aluminum die-casting mold


Home Life Products

Large,Middle,Small-ice bucket. Sink
3M Series-Bucket、Tooth Brush、Brush scouring pads、Storage Rack...


Auto Products

Auto Headlight、Center Console、 Auto audio panel、Fog Lamp、Key、Motor dashboard、Helmet...


Electronic Products

Remote control、Switch、Socket、Moniter base、
Ink box、Terminal、Grating plate...


Medical Grade Products

Large,small-Oxygen mask、
Sphygmomanometer panel、Injection tube


Food Grade Products

Crisper inner mold、Water bottle 、Bottle cap、Preform、 Cookie jars、Chocolate mold




About us




More than 20 years of experience producing, manufacturing molds with advanced technology, high efficiency. Provides diversification molds with stable quality. In the recent years, my company nonstop production many kinds of mold to meet customers to need at home and oversea. My factory can designed, manufactured all kind molds, repair processing, milling, lathe CNC all kinds of mold and production injection products such as: plastic injection molds, casting molds, inlay molding, inlay label molds, revolve screw molds, hot runner systems for all kinds of precision molds, blow molds, injection molds, accurate die casting, hollow (blow) molds, etc…The products mainly include: exported abroad components, accessories car, medical products, electrical home appliances, computer 3C products…Trader are welcome to talk you us about customer orders.



Products Sold


Plastic mold
Zinc aluminum die-casting mold
Plastic products

Our Factory









Mold Department

There are CNC、Lathe、

Clamping machine、Grinder ...etc



Plastic Department

We keep our Plastic Department clean to make our products excellent in self-discipline.



Meeting room

The place for meeting and displaying our products.



Film Introduce




Q:What is mold?


A:Mold is a very common industrial equipmenta in modern industry.Although classified into many types of mold, their roles are similar to the sum of; Depend on the shape of their own, by some means such as quantity has a certain plasticity or fluidity has become a particular shape. Mold in usual can be tell from three types of mold: Die casting, metal forming dies and injection molds



Q:How long could the mold be used?


A:In general, It will be used to calculate how many times of use, rather than years. The life of the mold depends on the durability of the materials, construction methods during manufacture, reinforced design and the thickness of the mold. Our company can make our products afford about a million times injection without distortion.



Q:What is how many cavities you want in a mold?


A:How many products you can get in one injection depends on how many cavities in a mold. If you want to get plenty of your products in a short time, you can increase your cavities in a mold.



Q:What's about the mold developing


A:This is the flowchart mold developing


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